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Flow | Additional Information

Jan 26th 2021

What does Flow do?

Flow is formulated for health-conscious individuals seeking a convenient, consistent, and calorie-free solution to boost energy levels. Daily use of Flow can help you stay alert and focused, so you can feel and perform at your best- day in and day out. Find your freedom today by incorporating Flow into your daily supplement regimen!*

Flow capsules contain a bio-optimized synergistic relaxation blend of Caffeine (100mg), CBD (12.5mg) and BioPerine® (2.5mg). The combination of these ingredients provides balanced invigoration for those that are looking for a simple and convenient energy booster compatible with an on-the-go lifestyle.*

Flow-25 drink mix contain a bio-optimized synergistic relaxation blend of Caffeine (100mg), B-12 (1mg), L-Theanine (200mg), Taurine (1000mg) and rapid-release CBD (25mg) that self-mixes with fizzing action and suspends evenly in liquids. This powder drink mix with a delicious “Citrus” natural flavor blend (yuzu, blood orange and lime) is also a perfect alternative to capsules for those that experience difficulty swallowing.*

For the ideal adaptogenic stack, take Flow-12.5 and Zen-12.5 capsules together in the morning, and a Pure-50 capsule in the evening. To enhance performance and recovery, use Flow drink mix before exercise, and a Pure-50 or Zen drink mix after your workout to help you relax and recover.*

Who uses it?

We all operate under pressure to perform- whether in the office, on the field, as a parent working while raising children, or overcoming any other challenges life throws our way. These constant demands lead to a need for consistent energy which we often derive from caffeine. Flow doesn’t take time to prepare in the morning like coffee and aren’t loaded with junk ingredients found in energy drinks.*

Most importantly, the synergy of caffeine and CBD provides more balanced energy compared to traditional caffeine products without CBD. Even better, Flow capsules can be combined with Zen capsules to experience game-changing nootropic focus. Alternatively, just use the Flow drink mix that already contains this combination!*

Clarity products are designed as nutraceuticals, which are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, with the goal of achieving equivalent effectiveness with reduced side effects and habituation/addiction potential. Whether you seek superior focus or a more convenient caffeine delivery option, Flow is here to help.*

What makes our product superior?

Clarity Nutraceuticals bio-enhanced Flow is more effective at the same dosage than typical CBD products, due to a powerful bioavailability-boosting combination of Clarity’s proprietary nano-infusion technology and the biochemical synergy of additional ingredients.*

Flow capsules contain minimal, pure, and healthy ingredients. The only contents in this product besides CBD, Caffeine and BioPerine® are the excipient (powder base the CBD is infused on) and capsule, which are both plant-based fiber. This results in a vegan-friendly and gluten/calorie free option that is safe for anyone with dietary restrictions.*

Flow-25 drink mix contains minimal and pure ingredients. The only content in this product besides besides Caffeine, B12, L-Theanine, Taurine, and CBD are the excipients (powder base the CBD is infused on) gum Arabic and maltodextrin. This results in a vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and low-calorie option (only 2 calories per serving) that is compatible with nearly every lifestyle.*

Free yourself from CBD products containing undesirable ingredients: no “mystery” plant byproducts found in crude extracts, no gelatin and sugar found in gummies, and no unpleasant oils with hidden calories like those found in tinctures and gel-caps. Most importantly, our products contain 0.00% THC, which can cloud your thoughts and cause failed drug tests.*