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Pure | Additional Information

Jan 26th 2021

What does Pure do?

Pure capsules are formulated for health-conscious individuals seeking a convenient, consistent, and calorie-free solution to support relief, relaxation, and restoration. Daily use of Pure capsules can support a healthy psychological and physiological balance, so you can feel and perform at your best- day in and day out. Find your freedom today by incorporating Pure capsules into your daily supplement regimen!*

Pure capsules contain a bio-optimized blend of 25mg or 50mg CBD and 5mg BioPerine®. The combination of these ingredients provides calming relief in a capsule delivery for those seeking a simplified delivery form.*

Pure drink mix contains bio-optimized, rapid-release CBD (25mg) that suspends evenly in liquids when stirred or shaken. It is ideal for the on-the-go individual seeking a flavorless CBD boost that can be added to their beverage of choice.*

For the ideal adaptogenic stack, take Flow and Zen capsules together in the morning, and a Pure capsule or drink mix in the evening. If you are seeking to reduce or replace alcohol use, taking Pure with Zen drink mix will help you unwind without the booze.*

Who uses it?

People from all walks of life can benefit from Pure. Crush your goals, then recover with Pure when the day is done to ease into a state of physical and mental well-being. Plan your next workday with a clear and comfortable headspace, then relax into deep sleep so that you can perform at your best. If your muscles are sore from your workout, you will find that Pure may help ease muscle tension so you can recover and do it again! Even those who live with constant and habitual discomfort may find a measure of long sought-after relief when using Pure on a daily basis.*

Clarity products are designed as nutraceuticals, which are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, with the goal of achieving equivalent effectiveness with reduced side effects and habituation/addiction potential. Whether you seek to optimize your mind, stabilize your circadian cycles, or simply feel better, Pure is here to help.*

What makes our products superior?

Clarity Nutraceuticals bio-enhanced Pure products are more effective at the same dosage than typical CBD products, due to a powerful bioavailability-boosting combination of Clarity’s proprietary nano-infusion technology and the biochemical synergy of additional ingredients.*

Pure capsules and drink mixes contain minimal, pure, and healthy ingredients. The only contents in Pure capsules besides CBD and BioPerine® are the excipient (infused powder base) and capsule, which are both plant-based fiber. This results in a vegan-friendly and gluten/calorie free option that is safe for anyone with dietary restrictions.*

The only contents in Pure drink mix besides CBD are the excipients (powder base the CBD is infused on) gum Arabic and maltodextrin. This results in a vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and low-calorie option (only ½ calorie per serving) that is compatible with nearly every lifestyle.*

Free yourself from CBD products containing undesirable ingredients: no “mystery” plant byproducts found in crude extracts, no gelatin and sugar found in gummies, and no unpleasant oils with hidden calories like those found in tinctures and gel-caps. Most importantly, our products contain no THC, which can cloud your thoughts and cause failed drug tests.*