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Zen | Additional Information

Jan 26th 2021

What does Zen do?

Zen is formulated for health-conscious individuals seeking a convenient, consistent, and fast-acting solution to manage day-to-day stress. Daily use of Zen can help keep you cool, calm, and collected, so you can feel and perform at your best- day in and day out. Find your freedom today by incorporating Zen into your daily supplement regimen!*

Zen capsules contain a bio-optimized synergistic relaxation blend of L-Theanine (200mg), CBD (12.5mg) and BioPerine® (2.5mg). The combination of these ingredients provides blissful serenity for those that are looking for a non-drowsy daytime relaxation aid.*

Zen-25 drink mix contain a bio-optimized synergistic relaxation blend of L-Theanine (400mg), Taurine (2000mg) and rapid-release CBD (25mg) that self-mixes with fizzing action and suspends evenly in liquids. This powder drink mix with a delicious “Blissberry” natural flavor blend (blackberry, hibiscus and ginger) is also a perfect alternative to capsules for those that experience difficulty swallowing.*

For the ideal adaptogenic stack, take Flow and Zen capsules together in the morning, and a Pure capsule in the evening. For maximum evening relaxation, combine Pure with Zen drink mix.*

Who uses it?

Due to the increased stresses that accompany modern society, we find ourselves experiencing constantly elevated stress levels. Unfortunately, most options to manage stress are either sedating or intoxicating, so we cope with these stresses during the day. This cycle can lead to an all too common pattern of alcohol (or drug) use in the evening. By incorporating Zen into your daily routine, you will find yourself less stressed throughout the day, allowing you to unwind naturally in the evening and maintain optimum cognitive function to plan for next day’s challenges.*

Another benefit of Zen is synergy with stimulants- when combined, you will find yourself experiencing increased focus and reduced physical side effects commonly associated with simulants.*

Zen drink mix is the perfect relaxing mocktail for social situations when you don’t want to drink alcohol but still want to enjoy a tasty beverage with friends (designated driver friendly)! Zen drink mix is also a great solution to put your mind and body rapidly at ease after an intense workout.*

Clarity products are designed as nutraceuticals, which are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, with the goal of achieving equivalent effectiveness with reduced side effects and habituation/addiction potential. Whether you seek to achieve nootropic focus or simply manage stress levels, Zen is here to help.*

What makes our product superior?

Clarity Nutraceuticals bio-enhanced Zen is more effective at the same dosage than typical CBD products, due to a powerful bioavailability-boosting combination of Clarity’s proprietary nano-infusion technology and the biochemical synergy of additional ingredients.*

Zen capsules and drink mix contain minimal, pure, and healthy ingredients. The only contents in Pure capsules besides L-Theanine, CBD and BioPerine® are the excipient (powder base the CBD is infused on) and capsule, which are both plant-based fiber. This results in a vegan-friendly and gluten/calorie free option that is safe for anyone with dietary restrictions.*

Zen drink mix contains minimal and pure ingredients. The only content in this product besides L-Theanine, Taurine, and CBD are the excipients (powder base the CBD is infused on) gum Arabic and maltodextrin. This results in a vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and low-calorie option (only ½ calories per serving) that is compatible with nearly every lifestyle.*

Free yourself from CBD products containing undesirable ingredients: no “mystery” plant byproducts found in crude extracts, no gelatin and sugar found in gummies, and no unpleasant oils with hidden calories like those found in tinctures and gel-caps. Most importantly, our products contain 0.00% THC, which can cloud your thoughts and cause failed drug tests.*