Pure-25 750mg Bottle

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Clarity Nutraceuticals Pure Capsules. Experience calming relief with 25mg (regular strength) bio-optimized Cannabidiol. 30 capsules / 750mg total CBD per bottle.

What does Pure do?

Clarity Pure provides the user with calming relief. We are all part of an amazing experience that is consciousness - but are still relatively fragile organisms. This meaning that we may experience day to day discomforts that can distract us from the pursuit of our goals in life. Daily use of Pure can serve to support a healthy psychological and physiological balance, without the unpleasant side effects commonly associated with traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Find your freedom today by incorporating Pure into your daily supplement regimen.

Who uses it?

Wherever you may find yourself in your journey through life, there will always be some organic obstacles that must be overcome. Pure is here to assist when you aren’t at your optimum. Athletes seek to reduce their recovery times and maintain restorative rest cycles to stay energized. Traditional jobs demand high performance when working, so unwinding in the evening becomes a critical component of the work/life balance. As we age, we experience increasing discomfort from old injuries and worn out bodies. Pure offers a restorative solution to the ever-changing needs of active and professional lifestyles.

What makes our product superior?

Clarity Pure offers a standardized dosage of Cannabidiol, with consistent potency and convenient delivery. No more dropping tincture oil under your tongue and guessing your dosage- take our Pure capsule in the morning and/or evening, and experience continual and uninterrupted relief. Simple, effective, and an efficient way to enhance your human experience.

We believe that CBD can complement a healthy lifestyle. Our minimal approach to formulation means we don’t add any junk ingredients, and certainly don’t deliver this natural compound in unhealthy ways. Sugary gummies that are appealing to children and deceivingly promote CBD as a recreational drug are a less than ideal approach to health product supplementation.

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule in early evening.
Daily use recommended for best results.
For stronger effects, use “Pure50”.

Caution: Consult physician, especially if you are
pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a
medical condition. Do not take with blood thinners.

Other Ingredients: Plant fiber (cellulose), Vegan
capsule (hypromellose, gellan gum, water)

No detected THC/THCa by ISO/IEC 17025 third party laboratory analysis.