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Pacifica Skincare Reviews: What to Know

Pacifica offers vegan, cruelty-free skincare products with mixed reviews.

Pacifica is a popular brand known for its vegan and cruelty-free skincare products. Reviews are mixed, with some users loving the products and others finding them less effective.

Vegan Collagen Line

Pacifica’s Vegan Collagen line uses plant-based fermentation to mimic animal-derived collagen. This line includes a Creamy Gel Cleanser, Hydrating Milk Tonic, and Every Day Lotion with SPF 30. Users appreciate the gentle, hydrating properties, but some report allergic reactions.

Key Products

  • Creamy Gel Cleanser: Gentle, sulfate-free, and hydrating.
  • Hydrating Milk Tonic: Contains hyaluronic acid for moisture retention.
  • Every Day Lotion SPF 30: Combines hydration with sun protection.

Face Wash Options

Pacifica offers various face washes for different skin types. The Sea Foam Complete Face Wash is gentle and effective for dry or sensitive skin. The Kale Detox Face Wash targets oily and acne-prone skin, using ingredients like kale and coconut water.

Popular Choices

  • Sea Foam Complete Face Wash: Lightweight, removes makeup, and hydrates.
  • Kale Detox Face Wash: Deep cleanses and balances oily skin.

Mixed Reviews on Effectiveness

While some users find Pacifica products effective, others feel they focus more on being vegan than on delivering results. The Vegan Collagen Serum and Milky Toner receive mixed feedback, with some users experiencing no significant benefits.

User Opinions

  • Positive: Gentle on sensitive skin, pleasant scents, and ethical practices.
  • Negative: Some products cause allergic reactions, and effectiveness varies.

Affordability and Accessibility

Pacifica is praised for its affordability compared to other clean beauty brands. Most products are under $30, making them accessible to a wider audience. Available at major retailers like Target and Ulta, Pacifica is easy to find.

Price Comparison

  • Serums: Under $25
  • Moisturizers: Around $30
  • Cleansers: Under $20

Body Products and Makeup

Pacifica also offers body products and makeup. The body wash, body butter, and hand cream are popular for their pleasant scents and gentle formulas. The makeup line includes items like the Alight Clean Foundation, which has mixed reviews for its performance on different skin types.

Notable Products

  • Body Butter: Hydrating and pleasant-smelling.
  • Alight Clean Foundation: Medium-high coverage but may not suit oily or mature skin.

Customer Service Issues

Some users report dissatisfaction with Pacifica’s customer service. Complaints include delayed shipping, unfulfilled discounts, and poor communication. These issues have led to a low rating on review platforms.

Common Complaints

  • Shipping Delays: Orders taking too long to arrive.
  • Discount Issues: Problems with applying promotional discounts.
  • Customer Support: Unresponsive or unhelpful service.


Pacifica offers a range of vegan and cruelty-free skincare products with mixed reviews. While some users love the gentle, ethical formulations, others find them less effective. The brand is affordable and accessible, but customer service issues may be a drawback.